MAS-Rotors & Caps

Rotors and CapsManufactured from the highest purity Zirconia, our MAS Rotors  provide the NMR spectroscopist with the ultimate alternative for analysis of solid samples.  The need to solvate solid samples is eliminated. They are available for most of the present solid state NMR spectrometers.

Our MAS Rotors are carefully examined for material irregularities by various methods before and after the precision machining process.

High precision (which becomes a necessity for proper spinning performance) is maintained in the manufacture of the end caps. Most end caps are fitted with o-rings for better sealing. Some caps have axial holes for venting.

Glass Inserts for Rotors - Pyrex MAS Rotor Inserts - Product Group B

For air-sensitive samples and semi-solid samples such as gels or highly viscous liquids, the sample is simply sealed into the insert tube by heat-sealing with a torch, or by applying a small drop of epoxy to the constriction. After the epoxy is set and dry, the sealed insert is then cut through the constriction with a glass saw.

Using a small funnel, powder samples can be packed into the insert. Gelatinous samples can be incorporated for the sealing of air-sensitive samples.

Glass Inserts for Rotors - Pyrex MAS Rotor Inserts

Agilent (Varian) Nano Probe Tubes - Original Style

Agilent (Varian) Nano Probe Tubes - Original Style

Constructed of Pyrex® glass, these NanoProbe tubes are suitable for NMR analysis of solids, semi-solids and liquids.  Special machining at close tolerances allow the tubes to operate at 2,5 kHz and slightly higher. These NanoProbe tubes offer the advantage of easy handling, cleaning, filling and reliability (tested in Varian NanoProbes).

Each cap has an axial hole for venting air from the tube. A small plug is provided for closing the hole in experiments where evaporation and/or liquid spill over must be avoided. O-ring seals are used on caps and plugs. With special caps (on request) higher spinning speeds are possible (3 - 4 kHz).


Three volumes are available
110 µl - each consisting of a Pyrex tube and a cap (Ertalyte or Kel-F)
60 µl and 40 µl - each consisting of a Pyrex tube, a cap and a plug (Ertalyte or Kel-F)

New Rotor Clamp for 2.5mm Rotors for Bruker 2.5mm CP/MAS Probes.

2.5mm Rotor Clamp


Enables absolutely precise removal of the end cap when used in conjunction with the end cap removal tool supplied with the probe.

Kel-F Caps for 2.5mm Rotors for Bruker CP/MAS Probes

Neue Kel-F Caps

  • 2,5-mm Rotoren für Bruker CP/MAS–Sonden
  • mit radikal reduzierten 1H-Background
  • Vmax 20 - 25 kHz, ermöglicht eine ausgezeichneten Spinngeschwindigkeit mit deutlich weniger 1H-Hintergrundsignal.

Kel-F Caps for 2.5 mm Rotors for Bruker CP/MAS Probes