We do not only deliver small parts for chemical laboratories,  but also ...

  • NMR and EPR Spectrometer
  • Pulsamplifier for Varian/Agilent NMR-Systems (AMT Replacement) and other vendors
  • Impedance Anlayzer for frequency measuerments and tuning of NMR-Probes and MRI-Heads etc.
  • High Pressure NMR
  • Scientific AirJet Sample Cooler
  • NMR Solids CP/MAS Probes (Doty)

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German Translation: Spectrometer and Accessories

FTs Sample Cooler

SP Scientific AirJet Sample Cooler

The XR AirJet Sample Cooler, available in -90C or -40C configurations provides sample temperature control for NMR, EPR and X-Ray diffraction using a mechanically refrigerated, temperature controlled air stream.

House compressed air is utilized for the air stream and no expendable refrigerants are required. When dry air passes through the AirJet it is cooled by the mechanical refrigeration system and provides a precise regulation of heat input to control the temperature of the air stream.

This design approach creates a temperature stability of +/- 0.1C. Longer delivery lines allow the positioning of the refrigeration system at a greater distance from your sample area, particularly important for NMR applications.

Xtremen Syringe Pump

High pressure NMR with large active volume and above 1 kbar pressures. Daedalus Innovations are the only source of complete high pressure NMR capability. Utilizing patented and proprietary designs and manufacturing processes, the Daedalus Innovations’ line of zirconia high pressure NMR tubes, titanium manifolds and computer-controlled pressure generator is in a class by itself. 

 Specialized ceramic materials, proprietary manufacturing and patented tube and manifold designs open the door to high performance NMR spectroscopy at pressures ranging up to 3,000 bar. Used seamlessly with modern cryogenic probes, the high active volume (3 mm ID) gives this tube unmatched NMR performance and reliability.


The Xtreme 60: Robust and precise control of pressure. Utilizing a large working volume, the Xtreme 60 provides the ultimate in pressure generation and control. Utilizing a high-torque motor and a precise computer control the Xtreme 60 is capable of generating pressures up to 4 kbar utilizing even relatively non-compressible water as the pressure generating fluid.

Broadband RF-Amplifier for NMR Spectrometer


TwinPulse400 - Dual Band 100 & 300 Watt RF Amplifier for NMR Consoles

Replaces the existing RF amplifier on your Varian spectrometer !

  • The new TOMCO TwinPulse400 is a single, low-cost drop-in replacement for users needing either repair, replace or simply upgrade the RF power amplifier on their Varian NMR consoles at either approximately the same or less cost than a reconditioned replacement, comes with a 3 year guarantee and has CE certification.
  • Performance specifications equal to or better, including wider bandwidths, lower noise figure, lower blanked noise, longer pulse widths.
  • 100% compatible interface and connections.
  • Mechanically equivalent.
  • Low band 5-300 MHz, 300 Watt PEP / High Band 200-650 MHz, 100 Watt PEP.
  • Ready for use in NMR systems that use linear RF pulse amplifiers, including the Varian Unity, Unity Plus and Inova systems, max power with 0 dBm input as before.
  • Also suitable for other spectrometer systems, even those with inverted gate signals, e.g. certain BRUKER NMR consoles. A demo unit will be available for those wishing to try this amplifier out on their NMR console.


PEP 0 dBm in
Max. pulse width
Max. duty cycle
Power in CW Mode

Channel A

200-650 MHz
100 Watt
300 ms
20 %
15 Watt

Channel B

5-300 MHz
300 Watt
300 ms
20 %
30 Watt

German Translation: TOMCO - Dual Band RF Amplifier