Trewmac High Frequency Network Analyser

Trewmac LogoTrewMac manufacture high precision, stand alone, RF analysers with unbeatable value for money and proven reliability.

The engineering awards include:

  • The Clipsal Award 2010
  • ETSA Utilities Award 2010
  • Institution of Engineering and Technology Award 2011
  • RS Components Engineering Project Prize 2012
  • Trewmac Systems - Moving to the future
Located in the picturesque Adelaide hills, TrewMac Systems began in August 2005 with a core team of experienced industry professionals. Specialising in RF electronics, associated metal work, and the manufacture, calibration and repair of the original TE1000 Impedance Analyser, TrewMac Systems has continued to grow and excel with distribution centres in 4 different countries, servicing customers all around the world..

Network Analyser for Tuning NMR-Probes and MRI-Headcoils

Trewmac Network Analyzer

Trwmac network analyser for the professional, and the novice user, these units are simple and intuitive to operate while providing a host of powerful features and functions to suit any task.

Trewmac Analyser MeasurementCable tuning, crystal characterisation, antenna tuning or component characterisation can all be performed on battery power in the field without the need for a computer. The new custom SOL calibration feature allows the user to move the measurement reference plane to the end of any transmission line, or to remove the effects of test jigs and cables connecting the device under test. With user selectable averaging and a vast array of display formats, get your data fast and in the format you need now.



Trwemac AnalyserAll of our analysers are supplied in a rugged aluminium carry case with a custom foam insert and come as a complete kit ready to use.

Use a USB or serial cable to connect your analyser to a PC and experience a new world of data analysis. With features like time domain reflectometery, distance to fault, multi series plotting, difference from reference plotting, smith chart plotting, Zo and VF functions you can analyse the data you need in the minimum time with superb accuracy. Join companies like ATMEL, INTEL, NASSA, IBM and Singapore Areospace and enjoy the freedom of having a high precision portable TrewMac analyser at your fingertips today!

TE 1000: RF Vector Impedance Analyser 0.5 to 150MHz

Trewmac Anaylyser TE1000The TE1000 Vector Impedance Analyzer has enjoyed more than 20 years as a popular choice for obtaining impedance measurements at RF frequencies by hundreds of customers around the world. It is a precision, portable impedance analyzer which enables the user to make highly accurate impedance measurements through VHF range (0.5-150MHz). Although superseded somewhat by the recent addition of the TE3000 the TE1000 is still available in its original build format and specifications. See the comparison table for reference. The TE1000 has full vector measurement capability, and accurately resolves the resistive, capacitive and inductive components of a load. The user can display impedance in polar form, rectangular form, series R-L-C equivalent or parallel R-L-C equivalent circuit. On board algorithms generate a range of related parameters including VSWR, complex reflection coefficient, and return loss against a user defined characteristic impedance Zo (normally 50 Ohms). The TE1000 uses an RS232 interface and is supplied with a third part serial to USB converter for connection to a PC. It shares the same software as the new TE3000 series providing swept frequency capability and facilities for complex data analysis, data logging and graphical display. Any application capable of comm port control can send commands and receive data from the TE1000 making it perfect for automated and remote data collection. The Trewmac Systems TE-1000 Vector Impedance Analyzer is supplied in a lightweight, rugged aluminium case with all the accessories included to operate the unit to its full potential. The unit itself can be powered by the mains adapter or by the internal battery making it ideally suited for both bench top and portable use. Typical applications include RF design and development, antenna testing and tuning, impedance matching, component testing, cable fault finding, filter design and testing, and cutting cables to precise electrical lengths.

TE 3000: RF Vector Impedance Analyser 30kHz to 300MHz

Trewmac Analyser TE3000The TE3000 is a versatile RF measurement tool for the professional, the educator and the novice. It is easy and intuitive to use and does not require user calibration. Measurements can be taken at the tip of the probe, much like an oscilloscope, or the unit can re-calibrated to the end of a coaxial cable, or the optional tweezer attachment. The TE3000 Vector Impedance Analyser is an improved portable desktop instrument designed for very high accuracy impedance measurement. It boasts a larger frequency range with smaller resolution and faster data rates than its predecessor - the TE1000. The oscilloscope style probe style construction and user variable output signal make it ideal for 'in circuit' impedance characterisation of small signal devices without the risk of damage to the DUT. These types of measurements can be very difficult to obtain using a normal VNA. An N type adaptor is also supplied with the unit allowing direct connection to an N type female connector for standard network analysis. The unit is supplied factory calibrated to the tip of the probe, and is self checking on start up. This feature means the unit is ready to use straight out of the box and does not require recalibration until the recommended period has elapsed. For the advanced user, several calibration kits are available to custom calibrate out the effects of test jigs and coaxial cables. The user can then switch between factory and custom cal at will. The TE3000 software provides a powerful set of formats and charts for fast analysis, and interfaces with a simple USB. Features include smith charts, multi series plotting, difference plotting, curve smoothing, velocity factor, electrical length, characteristic impedance, and time domain reflectometry. Results may be saved and retrieved, or opened in excel.

TE 3001: One Port Network Analyser 30kHz to 300MHz

Tremac Analyser TE3001The TE3001 One Port Vector Network Analyser is built for the field professional who understands the calibration process and has a network analysis task to perform. The TE3001 is supplied with an N type male connector interface for standard network analysis. The unit features a larger output signal than the TE3000 for excellent noise immunity in noisy environments. It's supplied with a 3 piece male and 3 piece female calibration kit allowing the user to remove the effect of any linear test fixture or transmission line, and provide an unprecedented level of measurement accuracy. A tweezer attachment and associated calibration kit is available for component or crystal characterisation. With user variable averaging, a vast array of display formats and battery or mains power the TE3001 is ideal for broadcast and plasma applications where field and workshop measurements are required. To compliment this construction, the TE3001 software provides a powerful set of formats and charts for fast analysis, and interfaces with a simple USB. Features include smith charts, multi series plotting, difference plotting, curve smoothing, annotations, cursors, time domain reflectometry and interference spectrum scanning.

Model-number TE3000
Frequency range 0.03-300 MHz
Frequency resolution 1Hz
Frequency Accuracy +/-10PPM
Output Signal User adjustable to 150%
Normal output (100%) is 1Vpp open circuit
Input Protection Diodes begin clamping the input signal at 4Vpp
Max input voltage is 50VDC or AC peak
Source Impedance Approx 35 Ohms
Impedance range Angle: -90 to +90 degrees
Magnitude: 0.1 Ohms to 100k Ohms
Measurement Resolution
  • Z: 3 Significant figures to 0.001 Ohms, 0.1 Degrees
  • C: 3 Significant figures to 0.1 pF
  • L: 3 Significant figures to 0.1 nH
  • S11: 3 Significant figures to 0.001 Mag, 0.1 Degrees
Typical Measurement
The accuracy depends on the load being measured, the quality of calibration and degree of averaging. Typical accuracy for 3 standard loads at 36 points over the available frequency range is tabled below in polar reflection coefficient format, after factory calibration, with averaging = 64 and 100% power output.
  • S11=1.0, magnitude +/-0.005 angle +/-0.6 degrees
  • S11=0.6, magnitude +/-0.006 angle +/-0.4 degrees
  • S11=0.0, magnitude +/-0.007
System Impedance Zo
(user defined)

User defined - must be a real, positive number.

(used to calculate VSWR, return loss and reflection coefficient)
Measurement speed 25ms (no averaging)
(user defined)

512 point, 3 error bilinear transform correction held in non-volatile memory with user adjustable frequency span.

Comes factory calibrated against 5 known loads, using a HP8753D network analyzer with HP85032B Cal kit. The unit is supplied with a full calibration certificate.

Optional custom calibration can be performed using one of the available calibration kits (see optional accessories).
Measurement Modes
and Formats
  • Impedance - Polar, rectangular, parallel
  • Admittance - Polar, rectangular
  • RLC series or parallel equivalent
  • VSWR
  • Reflection coefficient - Polar, rectangular
  • Return loss -dB
  • Mismatch loss -dB
  • Quality factor
  • Cable Loss - dB
  • Cable length - Degrees, %Lambda
  • Swept measurements to PC via USB or RS232 serial port
Special Functions
(run from software)
  • Interference spectrum scan
  • Distance to fault
  • Time domain impulse response
  • Velocity Factor
  • Characteristic impedance
Power source DC plug-pack or internal battery (auto power-save in battery mode)
Display 4x20 character alphanumeric LCD
Measurement method V/I technique
Interface USB using FT232 driver or
RS232 on 9-pin D
Software Java software runs on Windows7/XP and includes all drivers.
It provides plotting/saving/retrieving of all parameters, multi series plotting, difference plotting, cursors and annotations.
Files are saved in .csv format and may be opened by excel.
Sweep modes available:
  • Single frequency sweep
  • Linear sweep
  • Logarithmic sweep
  • Signal scan
  • Distance to fault - time domain response
  • Loop function
Battery 2.2Ah
~2 hours of battery operation at full charge
Charging time: 20mins
Weight 1.9kg
Dimensions 250w x 200d x 80h (mm)
Included Accessories
  • UK/US/EU Mains power pack
  • USB cable
  • Serial Cable
  • Java based PC software
  • 3 piece N type SOL calibration kit
  • Protective hard carry case with shoulder strap
Optional Accessories 3 piece N type Male SOL custom calibration kit
3 piece N type Female SOL custom calibration kit
N to BNC male adaptor
N to BNC female adaptor