Micro Cell Inserts for 5 mm Tubes

Taking spectra from small sample volumes can be difficult at times. Our 5 mm Microcell Assembly is designed to reduce these difficulties for you. There are three different inserts to choose from, depending on your sample size and requirements. Either spherical bulb capillary tube or cylindrical bulb. Volume sizes are listed in the price list below. You must order the PTFE holder, which holds the inserts in the NMR tube, and the Positioning Rod, which allows you to insert and remove the assembly from the tube. These items are reusable, the inserts are intended for one time use.

Note: this assembly is not recommended for variable temperatur applications because of different thermal expansions of the materials. 

5 mm Micro Cell Assembly

Complete with Outer Tube, Teflon Holder, Positioning Rod and one spherical bulb.
Other inserts and extra Spherical Bulbs are ordered separately.

5 mm Micro Cell Assembly






5 mm Micro Cell Assembly









 Large Volume Microcell Inserts - Product Group A

Our large volume microcell inserts are intended for use with probe sizes between 8 and 20 mm.

Selection is either a spherical bulb or cylindrical bulb, depending on your requirements.
For best spectral resolution, choose a size that matches your probe coil height requirements.



Large Volume Microcell Inserts