Pressure / Vacuum Tubes - Product Group A

Our Pressure / Vacuum tubes are commonly used for catalytic studies, T1 measurements, gas / liquid phase reactions and elevated temperature studies using low boiling point solvents. Designed to be connected to either a 1/8" Stainless Steel vacuum line using SwageLok fittings (see spare parts table) or a rubber vacuum hose using a glass connector (OF-60), the system is rugged and easy to use. The PV-ANV valve is made out of Teflon and all other parts are Pyrex or equivalent glass, assuring you chemical resistivity. Valve is opened simply by turning  counterclockwise. Tubes can be kept under vacuum or pressure for a considerable length of time.

Pressure / Vacuum Tubes

Spare Parts / Adapters - Product Group A

Spare Parts / Adapters