Screw Cap Tubes -Product Group A

The Screw Cap tube is commonly used when you need to add sample or reactant using either syringe or cannula in order to avoid contaminating sample with atmospheric gases. You can also fit a Coaxial Insert (WGS-5BL) into the tube and seal the system air tight for external referencing, external locking, studying intermolecular interactions or determining magnetic susceptibility. Custom sizes are available. Just ask our Customer Service Department. Tube comes with cap and septum. Caps and Septum can be ordered seperately.

Screw Cap Tubes

Screw Cap Accessories - Product Group A

PTFE / Rubber

Laminated discs consisting of a sheath of PTFE bonded chemically to white pharmaceutical rubber. Inert to most solvents and many corrosive materials. Not recommended for multiple punctures.

PTFE / Silicone

Laminated discs consisting of a PTFE sheath bonded chemically to silicone rubber. Inert to most organic solvents and compounds;  however, not recommended for use with strongly corrosive materials. Resealability properties of silicone rubber are excellent.