PTFE-FEP NMR Tube Liners - Product Group A

PTFE-FEP NMR Tube Liners


For NMR investigations where chemical compounds such as hydrofluoric acid, ammonium bifluoride and concentrated hydroxide solutions are present.

Tube liners are round-bottom and made from Teflon (Polytetra-fluoroethylene/Fluorimated Ethylene Polypropylene copolymer). Thin-wall construction minimizes filling-factor losses. Although the liners are not rigid, they straighten upon insertion into the sample tube. Not recommended for elevated  temperature studies. A PTFE plug is included with each liner.

For 29Si studies, the Teflon Tube Liners can be inserted into an NMR sample tube where the bottom 50 - 60 mm of the sample tube has been removed.