Wilmad´s Glass Tubes for NMR, EPR/ESR

Wilmad-LabGlass products are manufactured using state of the art processing and inspection equipment. This allows us to provide items of the highest quality and tolerances in the industry for pharmaceutical research, aerospace systems, analytical measurement equipment, nuclear magnetic (NMR) and electron paramagnetic resonance or electron spin resonance (EPR/ESR) systems plus sophisticated electronic components and subassemblies.

Our product range consists of:

Wilmad-LabGlass is offering best in scientific products and engineered glassware around the world. Wilmad-LabGlass has a combined 60+ years of providing the best, state of the art glass and quartz precision engineered and precision bore products.

Wilmad LabGlass Tubes for NMR and EPR/ESR

  • 3 mm tubes
  • 4 mm tubes
  • 5 mm tubes
  • 6,5 - 7,5 mm tubes
  • 8 mm tubes
  • 10 mm tubes
  • 12 mm tubes
  • 13 mm tubes
  • 16 - 20 mm tubes
  • 22 - 30 mm tubes
  • Bruker 2,5 mm tubes
  • Quartz tubes
  • Tube caps
  • Amberized tubes
  • Constricted tubes
  • Capillary tubes
  • Shigemi NMR tubes
  • Sapphire NMR tubes

Wilmad NMR Tubes

The Wilmad tubes are ideal for high throughput NMR measurements and non-spinning experiments, even at high field strengths, packaged in cartons of 100 tubes without end caps (available separately) for a special net price of 99,40 Euro for 100 Tubes!