Spinner Turbines / Inserts for Microsampling

Utilizing our 10 mm spinner turbines (V-GFK-10 and B-PEEK-10), a variety of microsample capillaries can be positioned (via Turbine Inserts) properly in the 10 mm turbines to be used with Varian / Nalorac 3 mm Probes and Bruker 2,5 mm and 5 mm Probes. A substantial savings is realized considering the alternative of one-size spinner turbines form NMR probe manufacturers.

The lower portion of each insert fits precisely into the 10 mm Spinner Turbine. The upper portion of each insert holds a short 10 mm NMR tube that extends beyond the spinner turbinetop. This tube allows the set-up to be used with autosample changers that grasp the tube above the spinner turbine. To reduce solvent evaporation, Capillary Tube Caps are available. 

Capillary Tube Caps

10mm Insert

The Turbine Inserts are not necessarily compatible with 10 mm turbines from probe manufacturers; hence, sets of spinner turbines and inserts are made available. Additional different size inserts can be ordered for each set allowing the use of various size capillaries. All items are ordered separately for the full assembly, except Spinner Turbine / Insert Sets.

   Complete Insert Kit Bruker
Complete Insert Kit Bruker



Insert Kits are available to improve NMR performance of small samples. Inserts provided to enable a user to measure small samples in small tubes, from 1.7mm up to 3.0mm, even if the NMR probe is 5.0mm. Spectral improvements gained from improved homogeneity over the smaller diameter, a crucial point if the RT shim system is not suitable for non spinning experiments, which now days is often the case with the latest new sequences. In addition substantial savings in solvent usage is also achieved, from 4 times less when going from 5mm to 3mm, to greater if smaller tubes are used. Kit contains 3.0mm, 2.5mm, 2.0mm and 1.7mm inserts and a full set of 10x125mm capillaries, barring 3mm, of which 2 are provided. Also included is a suitable 10mm spinner turbine for the appropriate spectrometer, and a set of syringes and PTFE needles for sample insertion and extraction from the small tubes.


Part number: B-GFK-Kit
Price EURO: 550,00


Part number: V-GFK-Kit
Price EURO: 550,00