Spinner Turbines

Spinner Turbines from Rototec-Spintec

We supply the most common 5 mm and 10 mm Spinner Turbines for Agilent (Varian) / Nalorac and Bruker NMR spectrometers.

The Spinner Turbines are manufactured to precision standards that meet or exceed those of the spectrometer manufacturers.

A new 5mm PEEK version for Varian Spectrometers with superior VT performance and magnetic susceptibility has now also been released, as well as a POM based RT version for high throughput sample changers.

The POM Spinner Turbine for Bruker Spectrometers incorporates two O-rings for ease-of-use and snug fit on the sample tube. The POM Spinner Turbines for Bruker Spectromters can also be used in high field NMR spectrometers.